A good start


Today was the first step in something pretty neat. We bought tickets to the Nutcracker. That does not seem like a big deal, on the surface. We’ve both seen the Nutcracker before, and, while we do enjoy it, it’s May. Why would I get this excited about tickets seven months from now?

Well, because the tickets are for a performance at the Sydney Opera House.

We’re going to Australia. We’ve been planning this for a while, but this step is the first tangible evidence that we’re actually going. Now that we have Nutcracker tickets, I feel like it’s real. I know we will actually get there, one way or another, and I’m incredibly excited.

While I’ve been to Canada and Mexico, I’ve never been farther than that. I don’t even have a passport (although that will change soon!) and, for a while, I wasn’t sure I would ever get to travel much. We’ve started to get to the point, though, that we will actually have both the time and the money to travel. We have a long list of places we’d like to go, and we will probably actually get to most, if not all, of them. Possibilities are opening up, and I think I may actually get to see some more of the world.

Tonight I filled out my passport application, and I will send it in soon. It’s a new beginning, a piece of joy and exploration to look forward to. It’s a start.

I keep moving forward and I keep looking for joy. I’m finding it in unexpected and wonderful places. I am generally happy, and when the bad moments hit, I have these pieces to hold to help me through. My husband can make me laugh at the strangest times, our dog is always happy to see us, and the cats are always happy to have a warm lap.

It’s a good start.

5 thoughts on “A good start

  1. How exciting! I have a friend in Sydney and have wanted to travel there for quite a while. I hope you have a wonderful time!

    It is amazing how much having something like that to look forward to can help your state of mind.

  2. Ok, if I’m being honest, I’m a little jealous. 🙂 I have always wanted to go and I love the Nutcracker. Plus it’s summer in Dec in Australia. Enjoy!

  3. that last paragraph was so full of life and positive energy. you end so well. i’ve begun to wait for it in your work and you deliver.

  4. Debra – no kidding! I decided to write this tonight because I need to focus on the positive pieces, and this is *definitely* a good thing!

    Tori – I’ve been a little jealous for years of other people traveling, so it’s nice to be the one who gets to go this time. 🙂 And, hey, summer in Australia has got to be better than winter in Reno.

    Ed – thank you! I’m flattered, especially knowing how good you are. 🙂

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