Back to bellydancing


Bellydance class started again last night. I’m a bit sore this morning. It’s definitely a good sore, at least, one that reminds me that I did something to get sore. Right after Daniel died, everything just hurt, all the time, and it didn’t matter if I did anything or not. That has mostly stopped. Feeling sore because I actually used muscles is something I can really enjoy.

I’m taking both the beginning and intermediate classes this time. It’s good exercise, and I’m dragging a teenager along to the beginning class by special dispensation from the teachers. I get almost three hours of exercise on a Friday night, which can’t be a bad thing. It’s good for me to work on the basics again, too, and to make sure my form is reasonable.

The classes are a very supportive community of interesting people. I think that comes from the teachers being so open and comfortable with what they are doing. One of them is really, really flexible and one isn’t. There are people of all shapes and sizes in the classes, which means that pretty much no matter what you look like or how your body works you aren’t out of place. They don’t want us to work to the point of injury; they want us to learn to really enjoy belly dancing and not hurt ourselves in the process. The class is comfortable and relaxed and we still end up working hard. I like that anyone can ask questions and they are encouraged, since most questions are ones that other people are thinking.

I worry a little sometimes that I talk too much, but I figure someone will kindly tell me to stuff it if it becomes too much. Many people there are quite capable of that comment, and I wouldn’t take it the wrong way.

We worked on grapevines in the intermediate class. We started with grapevines while using zills (finger cymbals) but we kept getting out of step becasue we were a little unclear on the directions, so after we put the zills away we drilled grapevines in a line and then all over the room, holding on with our pinkies to the next person in line. I didn’t fall over, but going around the corners a few times it was a close thing. I ended the second class dripping sweat and feeling wonderful.

I’m working my way back to the things I love, and bellydancing is one of those things. I’m generally a klutz, but somehow this kind of dance mostly overcomes that. A couple of years ago we did a whole piece balancing swords, which I never thought I’d be able to do. I’m still not sure about veil work, but I’m getting more comfortable every year.

It’s good to be back!