There are days when I just sit and stare at the computer screen, unsure what to write. I’ve been doing that lately. I need to just write anyway. It helps me process things, helps me make some sense out of a world that has none.

We went biking yesterday, just a short ride to pick up some bread. It was nice to just be out, speeding down a hill and eventually chugging back up it again. I found myself wishing that I rode more often. I might remember that once I have more time.

I’ve been taking a teenager to bellydancing. She’s still very self conscious, just as I was to start with, but she seems to be having fun. We’ve been working on a step that has been giving her a lot of trouble, and I took a few minutes out of practice to work with her. I discovered that if I held her hands and stood right in front of her, she could feel the movement and, having tried to practice the move for quite a while, something clicked and she fell into it easily and suddenly. Her feet did what she’d been trying to get them to do for weeks, and after that she could just do it. I’m not sure if it will stick until next week, but at least she’s felt what it ought to feel like.

When I was teaching people how to use computers when I worked for the school district, I spent some time trying to learn how people learn. I wanted to be able to reach everyone, especially the people who were afraid of computers. I know how I learn, but I knew that wasn’t right for everyone. I’m not a teacher at bellydance, but I have a few friends who ask me for help interpreting, because I explain things differently. With the teenager, I’m doing the same thing, just trying to put the information in a format she can understand. It’s interesting and sometimes frustrating to show something in a way that wouldn’t help me at all, but seems to help others. It’s also a good exercise for me to try to see things through other peoples’ eyes.