IndieInk Challenge: Week 1


The Indie Ink editors have decided to issue writing challenges to each other every week to stretch our writing abilities. I like the idea. My first challenge was this:

“Best 300 words on how she knew her husband was to be her husband. No more than 300 words.”

To be completely honest, I didn’t have one shining moment, but here’s one that certainly played into it. Also, limiting me to a certain number of words made this much harder!

It was Thanksgiving with his whole family, and he decided it was time for me to be introduced. I had met a few of his siblings and his parents already, but not the cousins, aunts, uncles, or the matriarch. My family is very small, comparatively.

I admit to a certain amount of trepidation. I was head over heels in love with a great guy. I really liked the people in his family that I had already met, and they were very accepting towards me. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t fit in given my capitalistic tendencies and the fact that I’m not terribly artistic, but he said it would be fine.

I walked in to noise, color, and a lot of people. One of the aunts that married in sat me down and asked how much money I made. I managed “Enough!” with a grin, and she accepted it. Another aunt asked innumerable questions about my family. All of the cousins, most about my age, were friendly. Everyone was busy cooking or talking or drinking. I was assigned to get seeds out of pomegranates for a salad. I sat, warmed by the sun, surrounded by people talking and laughing and playing, watching everyone interact, and I felt apart, but not unwelcome.

His immediate family came in a wave of sisters and brothers and parents. His youngest sister jumped into my lap, narrowly missing the bowl of jewel-like seeds. “When are you going to marry my brother?”

I laughed. “We haven’t gotten that far yet!” Less than a year into this relationship, it hadn’t come up.

“We think he should keep you.”

I looked over at the kind, loving man who made me laugh and helped me heal, surrounded by his fascinating family, and thought, “That wouldn’t suck.”

8 thoughts on “IndieInk Challenge: Week 1

  1. I came to say something on “That wouldn’t suck” only to find that I have been beaten to it. But still. I’ve used it myself and it is perfect.

    And from what I know about you and Xander, admittedly very little but I am loving that I know more and more all the time, it hasn’t sucked. Not for a second. You two are perfection. Dare I say, you two personify “non-suckage.”

  2. I wasn’t sure what reaction I’d get to this. I know some people have had flashes of insight about soulmates and such, but we kind of ended up where we are without any fanfare. It’s a good place to be.

    Thank you for saying that we personify “non-suckage” – sweetest thing anyone has said all day!

  3. And to know that I’m privy to the much more detailed version of this story… This made be dressed down but no less heartwarming. I have to say, Xander’s footnotes were the whipped topping of the original version told to me!


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