Our new family member


On October 21, 2011, our daughter, Katja, was born. She had a bit of a hard time for the first five days, since she needed time in the NICU, but she’s fine and healthy now. I am deeply happy that our adoption journey is almost at an end and that we have such an amazing, beautiful little girl in our lives.

Here she is:

This is a picture of her while she was still hooked up to the machines and such; she looks much more like a baby and less like a cyborg now.

We’ll be setting up a private, password protected blog to write about her. If you’d like the link and password, please email me.

4 thoughts on “Our new family member

  1. I’m thrilled for all of you! What a beautiful little girl. I would love to share in your journey, if you don’t mind.

    Many hugs and much love to your little family.

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