Tuesday tidbits


A lot has gone on this past week. I think I’ll stick to the unabashedly good to start with.

Katja has started eating solid food! We’re doing something called Baby Led Weaning, which means that she is eating what we are, or at least trying it. I find the whole process quite amusing. She makes funny faces when she tries something new. She hasn’t really loved anything yet, though I didn’t really expect her to. She does, however, like applesauce and Cream of Wheat for one reason – they are extremely messy! SHe took great joy in spreading them all over her face, arms, and the tray of her high chair. We took a shower when she was done. I’m not sure she actually ate any of it. Nyx thinks this is a wonderful change, because when Katja is done, Nyx gets to clean up. Even if I veto that, Katja rather likes throwing things, so the dog gets a lot of extra treats.

Nyx had a tumor removed last week. They did get all of it, which is good. I’m hoping that’s the end of the cancer story where Nyx is concerned, but we’ll have to keep a closer eye on her from here on out. Whenever the words “dog” and “cancer” are in the same sentence, I worry, because Ace seemed healthy, limped a little, and then we had two weeks before he had to be put down. Nyx is only four, very healthy, and I’m hoping everything goes smoothly. I do wish, however, that she would stop licking at the t-shirt she’s wearing. It’s not bad during the day, but at night it’s incredibly annoying and keeps us awake. She may have to wear the Cone of Shame tonight so we can get some sleep.

The weather here has been gorgeous lately. I spent much of the weekend working on the yard, bringing some order to a lot of chaos. It was very satisfying.