Tuesday tidbits


I went to the grocery store over the weekend and I came across a food I had never heard of. That’s a weird enough occurrence for me to stop and take a second, then third, look. The tag said “Dragonfruit” and it looked like this:


I did a little research and found enough information to decide to buy one. It was $3.00 for one, so I figured we could split one to decide if we like it. That’s a bit of money for one piece of fruit.

I brought it home and Xander said he’d see it but hadn’t bought one the last time he was at the store. I put it in the fruit bowl and forgot about it for a day or so.

When I finally decided to open it up, it looked like this:


It was very pretty. I like the color contrasts. I scooped out the fruit, chopped it up, and put it into bowls.


I thought the remaining rind was rather pretty, too.


We stuck it in the freezer for a while. Hot day plus warm fruit was just not appealing. Once it had chilled a bit, though, it was quite nice. It has a very delicate flavor and I can’t describe it well. It isn’t too sweet, but it is pleasant. I’m not sure I would seek it out again. If someone offered me another, though, I would certainly eat some! It’s a cactus and it can put out both roots from its base as well as aerially. I love finding out random bits of information. I hope you enjoyed this short trip!