Some days


She liked a lot of children’s books, but one line had been used more than any other growing up. By the end of the day some days, she felt like she shouldn’t have gotten out of bed in the morning, let alone tried to slog through such an awful day. She hadn’t ever woken up with gum in her hair, but the way today had gone, the sentiment was appropriate.

It had started with the stupid raspberry tart. She had made a tart the night before. When she woke up, she discovered that the heat of the day before had gotten the ant colony that lived under the house moving in high gear. The tart was crawling with the little creatures. She had resisted the urge to shriek or throw things, but it was difficult. No matter how many times she called an exterminator or put out ant poison, they always came back the next year. She hadn’t seen any yet this year. She had put the tart on the stove, where they seldom bothered going, on top of a cooling rack, but one enterprising ant had found it and now the stovetop was covered with them.

She had been looking forward to that tart.

She threw away the tart, sprayed down the stovetop, and got ready for work.

Work wasn’t much better. There was a voicemail waiting for her when she arrived from a client who had misplaced an important document and needed another copy immediately. When she called him back, he swore at her at great length because she hadn’t been there at 5 PM the night before. He didn’t seem to remember the time difference; she was already at home and making the tart by the time his emergency came up. He had been so worried about the document that he’d come in early, so she got it to him before his day started, but swearing was never a good way to begin.

The copy machine broke. The fax machine only worked intermittently. The power went out at 3:12 PM because of a thunderstorm, leaving her unable to help most of her clients. When the power started coming back on, the lights in her office flickered for a while; by the time they had stopped, she had a blazing headache. She wanted to go home and crawl into bed, but she had a blind date set up by her best friend from high school.

She came home to a drenching thunderstorm just as she stepped out of the car, bills in the mail, and a message from her neighbor that they would be pruning the tree and that there might be falling limbs in the next day or two. She got dressed for her date, checked the mirror, and went to the restaurant. Everything seemed fine until she checked the mirror one more time as she got out of the car and realized that one of the two matching clips in her hair had disappeared since she left the house.

After a frantic search, she gave up, repositioned the remaining clip, took a deep breath, and walked into the restaurant. She met her date. They sat down and the first thing he asked was how her day had gone. She looked at him a little blankly – that wasn’t usually a question for the first date.

“There was a book I read a lot when I was little, and one line perfectly describes today. ‘Some days are like that…’”

“‘Even in Australia!’” he broke in, laughing.

She smiled at him and decided that the end of the day would be better than the rest of it had been.

I’m late this week; I though Friday was Thursday. Sorry! For the Scriptic prompt exchange this week, Barb Black gave me this prompt: raspberry tarts and a missing hairpiece.

I gave Last Mom On Earth this prompt: Survival of the fittest.