Crappy Day Presents


I signed up for a gift exchange called Crappy Day Presents. You send neat stuff to the person who is assigned to you and you get a package from someone else. It’s an¬†exceptionally¬†neat idea and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

The people who are sending presents, though, don’t necessarily know me, so I’m going to list a bunch of random things about me and things that I like.

1: I like tea. I mostly like herbal teas, since I don’t need much caffeine. I ended up drinking teas when I stopped being able to drink hot chocolate due to my dairy issues.

2: Puns are good.

3: Pretty much anything kitchen or cooking related will make me happy.

4: I have a sweet tooth, but not for things that stick to my teeth. Saltwater taffy makes me very unhappy. Chocolate is good. Caramels are good, too. They don’t stick in quite the same way.

5: I don’t wear makeup or paint my nails, so I’m rather boring in that respect.

6: I have very short hair, so anything hair related will get used on my daughter.

7: Interesting spices are good. A friend of mine gave us an assortment of spices from Africa and we had a lot of fun experimenting!

8: We eat popcorn, air popped, when we don’t feel like making dinner.

9: I read a lot. Murder mysteries, science fiction, nonfiction – if it’s printed, I can’t help reading it.

10: My hobbies over the past several years have included aerobatic flying, dog training, belly dancing, gardening, cooking, and running.

I can’t think of much else right now. I hope that helps whoever is data mining for ideas!

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