Seven years ago, Xander and I got married. I still think it’s the best decision I have ever made.

Over the last seven years we have been through wonderful and awful things. I don’t feel much like detailing them at the moment, but it has certainly been an interesting experience. Through it all, we have managed to face the world together, bound by love, bad puns, silly jokes, and a deep appreciation of and for each other.

I’m happy. Much of my life, I have struggled just to get to content. Anytime I stop and think about it these days, though, I’m actually happy. Life isn’t utopian, if course, but even on my worst days Xander can make me laugh. Watching him with Katja is amazing; he’s a wonderful father and she adores him.

He’s not perfect. Neither am I. I won’t claim that we are perfect together, either, but the life we share is a good one and the love we share is the best thing I have ever experienced.

Happy anniversary, Xander. Here’s to many more years of silliness, love, and putting up with each others’ foibles.

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