FAI: 2.5 months


Big news: I’ve spent the past four days completely off of crutches! My hip still aches by the end of the day, but it’s more a gentle reminder to sit down than the crippling pain it used to be. I can pick up Katja now, too. I can’t carry her far without getting strong “Quit it!” pain, but at least I can pick her up if I need to.

I was very concerned with the pain I was still feeling with the front leg lifts. Everything else seemed to be working out well, getting stronger, less pain, all the normal things, but that one exercise was still really hard for me. I asked the physical therapists to help and they gave me a bunch of new exercises (including single leg squats and single leg bridges – ouch!) which, while difficult and painful, did what I needed. I can do the front leg lifts now and only have an ache at the end, which is a lot better.

I was out with Katja today and we were watching people jump up and down. Katja joined in quite happily. My hip twinged at the thought of it, which I know quite well is psychosomatic but made it very clear that I’m not all the way better yet. Swimming is getting easier, though breaststroke still has limitations on how far I can go using the kick as well as the arms. That particular movement still causes pain. Other than that direction, I don’t have flexibility problems in physical therapy right now, which is good.

I’m healing. I’m back to almost mostly normal. I won’t be running for a long time yet; even walking fast is not a good idea right now. I am getting to the point of being able to swim, though, and I can bike for ten minutes at a stretch, which is a start. I can’t twist or turn in certain ways and I sometimes catch myself right before I move my leg wrong, but it’s clearly improving.

I think it will be a while before I take the 130 pound dog out for a walk, though.