My given name is Wendryn. I like having an odd name. I am a runner, a writer, a pilot, I love to cook, I read voraciously, and I sing. I love having my life organized. Having a husband, daughter, and a cat in my life, though, has forced me to accept a certain level of chaos. You can find me on Twitter @wendryn; it’s a protected account. I can be reached at wendryn (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  1. Wendryn,

    My apologies for the interruption, but I have an odd story you may (or may not) enjoy. I will try to shorten it considerably for the sake of the size of the message here. My name is Michael. I sat up late tonight watching a movie on TV. Something I rarely do anymore. It was a Christan Bale movie, and I’m not really even a fan of his acting. It was called Rescue Dawn. Nevertheless, the last line of the movie he quotes longsworth, “fill what’s empty, empty what’s full, and scratch what itches”. I found it odd, and because I missed the first hour of the movie, I thought it must be relevant elsewhere so I googled it (isn’t that what we do these days?). Along with the actual wikiquote, etc., there was a link to a blog entry you had written concerning this quote. I enjoyed reading what you wrote, and even how you wrote it. I thought to myself ‘well, if this were Facebook, I’d *like* the page, but it isnt’, so as I was about to dismiss it, I saw when you had written it. Oddly enough, it was 3 years ago…plus about 20 minutes. (10 by the time I hit send). Yep, to the day. What it means, I haven’t a clue…but I’m not a believer in coincidence, so I thought I’d at least write you a note saying thank you. For making me see things a little differently, and giving me someone to thank. :). May your cup of joy always be full, so that you may everyday empty it to those around you. I’m betting you already do. Have a wonderful day.

    Michael Summerfield

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