Indie Ink relaunch!

Indie Ink is back!

Wait, what? You don’t know what Indie Ink is?

Ah, time to remedy that gaping hole in your life. Indie Ink is a website created by the amazing Anastacia Campbell. It’s a site for writers and artists, and it is non-competitive. It’s a place to showcase work that might otherwise not get as much of an audience.

The reason it’s being re-launched is that a bunch of us are getting to be involved in this extremely neat endeavor. Anastacia decided to open it up, so Indie Ink is now run by a really interesting group of people. I am lucky enough to be one of them, to be a small part of this team of artists and writers with a common vision.

I’d like it if you would go take a look. If you have friends or family who are writers or artists, please ask if they would be interested in submitting. They keep copyright, so that is not an issue. Please feel free to talk to me or any of the administrators if you have any questions. This is going to be an exciting, vibrant, interesting place to look for art and writing you might otherwise not get a chance to see.

The first post of the relaunch is one I really like, too, which helps.

I hope you take the time to look and see why this is so exciting. I think you may find something you like.